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Amazing food!

Vickie, 09 Jan 2021


Olivia, 01 Jan 2021

Hi. I just wanted to say I ordered a delivery tonight. I ordered x3 oxtail - 2 with rice, one without. 2 dumplings, drink, jerk chicken - no rice & coleslaw. I was told there wasnt any jerk chicken left but there were 2 stewed chicken, so ordered stewed instead of jerk. The order came to £32 but I tipped the driver & paid £36. I wasnt told the order was incomplete & chicken had been replaced with all oxtail. The delivery was for my sons 19th birthday - so a celebration. I dont eat oxtail, so couldnt eat anything as ordered chicken. Are you prepared to compensate me in any way? I tried to ring but you had closed. What my 2 sons ate they enjoyed but unfortunately I couldnt join them in the birthday meal. The lovely lady who took my order did say she was new but she explained there was no jerk chicken, only stewed, so that's what I thought I'd get. She even kindly rang me back to confirm the price. I have no fault with her or your delivery driver. Just wrong item delivered which meant I couldnt eat. We love your food & gave you a really good review online a while ago. That wont change but I was so disappointed.

Kelly Jane John, 13 Dec 2020

Food is absolutely wonderful, however we are missing the cake we ordered? We were told that there was one delivery driver on tonight which is totally fine, however would it be possible to be refunded for our cake please? Our order number is 1082864124 thank you!

Jennifer Cain, 02 Dec 2020


Mrs Christina, 13 Nov 2020

Food is amazing! I have ordered twice from her in the last 2/3 weeks! Only slight negative comment I will make is more sauce is needed on the curry goat as the rice can get a bit dry but the flavour is AMAZING

Jess Lukins, 13 Oct 2020

Please add plantain & jerk chicken to the online order menu.

David, 09 Oct 2020

I’ve been coming here for a while now and All your staff are always polite and friendly.. Except for yesterday night around 8 pm When I came into your takeaway restaurant with my partner! The Jamaican lady (full mask on and looking like she bleaches her skin) was totally rude and argumentative! It’s not what she said initially, but how she said it and her tome that annoyed me! When I replied to her she became more rude and obnoxious even shouting etc. To the point I lost my temper and began being even more rude! I’ve never been made to feel this way and I’m not the sort of person to argue with people for NO reason! For your staffs attitude and rudeness I will not be coming back to your place (especially if she still works there). It’s a shame because I really like your food and the most of your staff (not forgetting mama p and her son at the barber shop). I do apologise for loosing my temper but I do not apologise for retorting in a assertive manner to your rude and distrusting staff member!

Richard, 15 Sep 2020

Very nice

Helen, 27 Dec 2019

Nice food

Helen, 27 Dec 2019


great food, great tasting and would defo order again even if the wait was a bit long.

Colin Duval, 16 Nov 2019